Here’s an excerpt from the Muse feature that appears in Sentimentalist Magazine issue 23. For the full text, check out the back issue. Enjoy!

It is admittedly difficult, for a band coming from a planet, er country, smaller in total square miles than New York State, to appeal to the vastness of the U.S. Market, but with Muse’s latest musical foray Black Holes and Revelations, they have done it.

Being something of a phoenix, back in 2001, Muse had all the makings of a musical super nova but issues with their stateside record label caused the band to step away from the U.S. for almost four full years. A glint of success shown through the darkness of space with the release of 2003’s, Absolution. Muse was now presented with the foothold they needed in order to re-introduce themselves to this side of the Atlantic. I caught up with Muse during a day off from their recent US tour. “We’re in Lake Tahoe actually, we had a day off yesterday so we decided to go and have a little fishing trip. We are off to Sacramento today.” Says Chris Wolstenholme (bassist). This doesn’t sound like any struggling UK import, more like a rock trio on the verge of U.S. pop super stardom.

The writing and recording of Muse’s latest CD, Black Holes and Revelations, tracks like a screen play to a modern day space adventure film. For starters, the band holed up in the South of France like an alien fugitive trio, completely cut off from the metropolitan world. “That first bit was the most creative, so [we wanted] to be as detached as possible. There was no internet, no telephone, there wasn’t even any TV. But after a while that [has] a negative effect as well. After about seven or eight weeks, we needed to get the hell out. The songs were all there, it was more the case that we needed to go somewhere else to record them. We realized we hadn’t left the building [we were writing in] for weeks, everything slowed down and nothing new was happening,” says Chris.

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–Chris David, Photo by Chris David