As Johnny Borrell shirtlessly swaggered his way around Bowery’s stage, one comparison came to mind: Mick Jagger. Maybe it’s due to Borrell’s youthful bravado, characteristic showmanship or terribly tight trousers.

Then, as he valiantly ripped through a set of already classic tunes that are both lyrically exceptional and emotionally electrifying, another comparison came to mind: Bob Geldof (circa Boomtown Rats). Borrell obviously touches upon the past while staying in the present and his fans love him for it. He has a level of self-importance that led his band through yet another successful, jam-packed, sold-out set highlighting Razorlight’s young and brooding career.

They played a fair mix of tracks from their Up All Night debut and current self-titled release. When they jumped into the newer material, “In The Morning,” “America” and “Kirby’s House” sparked sing-alongs. “Golden Touch,” “Vice” and “Somewhere Else” were “oldies” that set the crowd off ’til “Stumble And Fall” closed the night–with a pack of sweaty Scots chanting “Johnny, Johnny!” Obviously Borrell’s bravado has gotten him somewhere in his career and bringing down Bowery is another notch he can put in his belt. –Andrea D’Alessandro