The Young Knives carved their way through a meaty set of hits with their first Brooklyn show and kept us dancing the night away. Though we’ve been enamored with the band since catching them three times at SXSW ‘06, their album Voices of Animals and Men has just made its way here for a proper U.S. push. It’s about time! Those in the know packed the front lines of Luna tonight, pogo’ing to the most addictive of tunes by these tweedy press darlings, from “The Decision” (sung by House), and of course “Weekends and Bleak Days,” “Here Comes the Rumour Mill” and personal fave, “Coastguard.”

Between songs, Henry kept us entertained with droll comments about everything from his brother House’s breathtaking looks to Ian, the consulate bloke who’d at first puzzlingly refused House entry into the U.S. (thereby delaying the Young Knives’ tour). I swear, this band could survive doing stand up comedy between tours. There are no awkward pauses when it comes to the Knives. –MVW/photo Tear-n-Tan