A few necks were broken when the Fratellis made their New York debut at a full speed Mercury Lounge show on Thursday night. The band, coming off the back of a SXSW festival where the played no less than 6 times, (and one where they were joined by the legend that is Pete Townsend), kicked off with album opener “Henrietta” and already you could feel that this was a band that likes to crank it up live. iPod tune, (and the song most Americans know them by), “Flathead,” was a monkey thrown full speed off their backs and the rest of the set was a thrill ride through an album that struggles to find a weak song.

The crowd were in full voice and packed in, with disappointed kilt-wearing Scots as well as a bunch of local fans left ticketless outside. We were treated to a solo encore from Jon Fratelli where he even dipped into a couple of lines of Dylan. As an exiting fan stated, “Fuck me that was fast,” but when it’s as good as that, you needn’t prolong it. –Patrick Daley/photo Tear-n-Tan

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