WOOOOO &..WOOOO &.WOOOO &.WOOO &.The Brides R-O-C-K-E-D the pub on this, their first show of the night. Not since the days of Black Flag has any band attempted to play two NYC shows on the same night, at separate venues. (Except perhaps during CMJ). Leave it up to the zany red shirts to pull something like this off. Kitty cornered at the end of the bar, The Brides didn’t seem to mind the cramped quarters or the PA at this less-than-perfect venue, which was one step above a boom box with a Mr. Microphone.

The band barreled through “Death Wears Red,” “The Woo, Woo Song,” and “Got It,” soon to be featured by Target, because it just makes you want to shop. If there was any justice in the world of music, The Brides would be a household name instead of one of NYC’s best kept secrets. But as they say, justice is blind. They don’t play often, but when they do, Corey, Greg, Julia and DW Friend make rock and roll fun again. Check them out. –CD