Cassandra Ford can’t be more than 4’8″ tall, dwarfed by the Kirkham brothers towering on either side, (Rob on guitar and Chris on bass). Even brother Anthony, behind the kit, sits taller than Ford, but nevertheless, her pipes make her appear 10′ tall. Vincent Black Shadow opened the Halifax early show at NYC’s Knitting Factory and doing so, set the bar ever so high. The punters down in the front were writhing in ecstasy from the catchy pop hooks off “Metro” and “Bullet on the Tracks”, clinging on and singing each line, while the middle ranks edged ever closer, wanting to catch some of the energy thrown off by the hardcore fans.

Even though the band was cramped on stage, Rob Kirkham still swang, swayed, leaped and bounded within his 2′ X 2′ plot of stage space, getting the audience all revved up. TVBS have a long few months of touring ahead of them, including the whole Warped Tour starting this June, so catch them if you can. –CD