All floors of the usually-staid Bowery Ballroom are bedecked in festive Scottish attire tonight, with bunches of blue and white balloons, neat rows of Scottish flags festooning the railings and even a few official “celebrate Scotland” golf umbrellas tucked in amidst the pile of gear beneath stage right. The show is a part of Tartan Week and a way to entice American hipsters to visit music-heavy cities like Glasgow, but the funny thing is, the audience here is 95% Scottish. It doesn’t hurt to preach to the converted, I guess.

1990s singer Jackie McKeown jokingly remarks, “This show is supposed to promote people coming to Glasgow, but if you live here, why would you? But I’m contractually obliged to tell you to come. So come stay at my house.” Between such comic interjections, Jackie and band play the perfect party-time set with brash, bouncy glam tunes that keep the crowd stomping. The strength of songs like “You’re Supposed to be My Friend” and “Jingle Bells” prove there is a band who’s found the perfect balance between raucous simplicity and Sonic Youth-style dissonance.

Though it takes some time for Sons and Daughters to hit the stage, djs from Belle & Sebastian and Mogwai keep the audience from wandering off with a mixed bag of tunes ranging from Love is All to AC/DC. Once on, Sons and Daughters’ singer Adele Bethel commands the stage all strapless and hot pink, lunging like a lusty tiger, sultry and about to pounce. Her raspy voice, long black hair and voodoo queen delivery is the perfect match for the band’s gritty Cave/PJ/Cramps vibe. Guitarist Scott Paterson and bassist Allidh Lennon are the astonishing bookends to Adele’s glam rockabilly style, rocking their lamé look and captivating the sidelines with hits like “Dance Me In.” –MVW

  1. [...] Look for Sons and Daughters to return to the States in early 2008, shortly after the record has released. Check out Sentimentalist’s review of their April 4, 2007 show at Bowery Ballroom here. [...]