Kudos to these Floridian Dark Romantics for rising above the ugly/dim lighting of Knitting Factory’s redrum basement venue. Though their name is a bit redundant given the tell-all, indie-goth-glam leanings of their sound, you can forgive them this detail once the music kicks in. Like a Trilby wearing, Elvis Costello-channelling Beetlejuice, stripes and all, E. Collins was ever the gentleman, apologizing for the tardiness of the set and the overabundance of backing tracks.

Though their regular drummer, Fifi, was flu-ridden and resting at a friend’s place, the band was able to make this a gig to remember. Hats off to any band with such spirit. The Show Must Go On! Quite handy for any band to have a guitarist like Dean Paul, who can not only double as a drummer, but also play to a click track to boot! It was also refreshing to hear a “real voice” from singer Collins, whose range is something not quite up to that of a Matt Bellamy/Muse or a Thom Yorke/Radiohead, but pretty close. His guitar parts balanced hooks and groove melody too. Keyboards and bass were also in the right hands, made glamorous by the lovely Amanda Jones and Carla Jones (sisters perhaps?). –MVW