You’ll be hearing more about Jealous Girlfriends in the coming months and I suspect seeing them at a venue like Glasslands will soon be a thing of the past. Having followed JG over the last year, tonight’s performance steps up the ante yet again. Bruising through the formidable sound system issues at the club, JG outshine this post/neo/industrial/art installation which pretends to be a suburban basement. Fluxing between male/female vocal stylings, Miranda Holly and Josh Abbot’s voices delightfully register as one throughout the set, superbly blending with each other instead of rivaling. Michael Fadem’s drumming is understated yet forceful, and Alex Lipsen’s keyboards tie it all together. (But where’s the bass player?)

You can feel the stellar buzz emanating from songs like “How Now” and “The Pink Wig…,” This is how the Yeah Yeah Yeahs started isn’t it? And they didn’t have a bass player either. While they call the music mecca Billyburg home, the band offers something a little more substantive and endearing than merely a cool haircut. –CD