Forgive the name-dropping, but Carl Barât once told me that out of all the rock “heroes” he’d met so far, Jarvis Cocker was the only fellow who’d made him feel tongue-tied. It’s not hard to imagine why. The post-Pulp chap definitely has a way with words, not to mention his prowess on stage. As tonight’s show unfolds, it brings out the best of Jarvis’s wry cocktail party conversation, self-effacing humor and most importantly, a dynamic set of showstopping songs from his first solo album.

At one point, Jarvis tells of Roger Daltry coming up to him at a recent British awards show to say, “That was very courageous” after he performed “I Will Kill Again”. He jokes it was at least better than hearing, “That was very ill-conceived.” In humble contrast, midway through the set, the reed thin pop singer pauses in a moment of silence, struggling to pull up his socks, which leads to a short talk on the usefulness and hazards of sock garters. It’s this kind of off-the-cuff quip that charms us silly, and at times, makes Jarvis seem closer to a John Cleese anti-hero than Britpop star. After all, he’s only human. Yet he’s everything we secretly want in a rock star: he discusses the “previous occupant” of his thrift store jacket one moment, and in the next, coolly rallies the crowd to “feel the bounce” of the ballroom floor. He then proceeds to bring on the best of his best lanky, gesticulating dance moves and gets us primed for balls-out, stomping versions of “Big Stuff”, “Black Magic,” and not to forget, encore favorite “Running the World.”

“This is our chance to get it on together,” he says before the band slides into a memorable version of “Tonight.” Indeed, the archaic, red glow and faultless acoustics of Webster Hall proved the penultimate backdrop for getting it on with Jarvis and his very fine, five-piece band. –MVW/photo by Tear-n Tan

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