White Rabbits prove that yes, you can reach way beyond rock as a band in this rock and roll town. This sextet boasts knock-you-off-your-feet, literate pop songs, exquisite harmonies, exotic percussion and the meanest ragtime tickling of ivories this side of 14th Street. They hit each song out of the ballpark (even daring to play a couple of new ones, though their album hasn’t even been released yet).

It’s quite a hard act to follow, but the Cribs come on strong and stir their mixed audience old and new, (equal parts diehard Brit rock fans, curious jocks in backwards ball caps and earnest college radio listeners), to sing along to nearly every chorus, waving fists in the air and transporting us out of our staid, arms-crossed, Manhattan ways.

They bring on a set heavy with old hits (“Hey Scenester” is still the anthemic crowd favorite) and sprinkled with a small sampling from Mans Needs, Women’s Needs, Whatever, coming out later this spring. Miraculously, Ryan’s mouth stays unbloodied during the set and he makes a few between-song wisecracks worthy of Jarvis, or at least Ricky Kaiser. (I guess those Northern Brits are born with a sense of good timing). Leave it to the Cribs to show New York how it’s done. –MVW/photo by Tear-n Tan

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