“It’s easy…just put your lips together!” as the video states. Peter’s blatant whistle-synching aside, it was clearly easy enough for the sold-out crowd to join along in unison to their uber-contagious smash hit “Young Folks” – which no shock was the highlight of the night by far (joined by Heather from Au Revoir Simone who sang Victoria Bergman’s part).

PB&J also easily broke out of the seemingly mismatched Kraut funk of openers Fujiya and Miyagi with their impeccably crafted pop gems. Peter projected a playful panache befitting an 11-year-old boy post-Toys ‘R’ Us clutching his newly-purchased action figure, all the while suspended in a permanent backscratcher. Peter and Bjorn’s (lest we not forget drummer John) superb instrumentation was delivered in a contrastingly shy and giddy exchange. Their innocent, sometimes dorky, tone set a classically timeless platform in which unpretentious musicianship prevailed. The occasional acoustic guitar and harmonica were welcomed folk accessories adding to their diverse repertoire. Although, with the acoustic version of “Amsterdam” not quite reaching its full exciter potential and the over-extended encore of older non-classic worthy material, a deliciously sweet candy flavor was undoubtedly left in the mouths of all in attendance. –Clint Stewart/photo by Elizabeth Principe