Blonde Redhead’s beguiling romanticism and epic shoegazer anthems rose to new heights inside Webster Hall tonight. Songs which, on record, appear like secret, mysterious gifts to the ears, were transformed here into grand, magical spectacles. The vibrant interplay between the three musicians would have been captivating in itself, with the slinky grooves of their music along with its many unexpected nuances acting as the soundtrack to the trio’s seductive intrigue. Singer Kazu Makino’s exotic, snake-like moves and the Pace brothers’ feverish playing made the music spiral outward and up to touch everyone in the room. They didn’t just play the music, they became the music.

The audience tonight found obvious comfort in the older songs they were dying to hear (many saved for the end of the set: “Equus”, “In Particular” and “Melody” among them) but songs off of the new album, especially “SW”, “Dr. Strangelove” and “23″, proved just as stellar, sure to become classics as well. –MVW/photo by Jeremy Krinsley