As the classical intro fades, Arctic Monkeys blast into a set saturated with new material. The spotlight scans across the audience like a prison camp searchlight looking for an escapee; the floor is alive with writhing bodies, waving hands, and banners flying high. The crowd erupts to new tracks “Brianstorm,” and “Teddy Picker.”

Alex’s smooth matter-of-fact stage persona translates completely to the big stage. I was expecting the AMs to be dwarfed by the enormous trappings at Hammerstein, seeing as it seems like only a few months ago they were necking it at Mercury Lounge, but that was far from the case. The venue was stretched to the limit trying to contain their energy

“I really like you lot and all, and I can tell we’re all gonna be friends,” says Alex. He has always been fond of New York and after the rousing response he and his band received at this show, I am sure the love affair will continue.

As broken drumsticks splinter into the audience, the AMs kick into older hits “You Look Good On The Dance Floor” and “Fake Tales of San Francisco” and the crowd roars with approval. Not to be overshadowed by older material, “This House Is A Circus” and “Fluorescent Adolescent” also get deafening cheers.

The show’s only shortcoming was the lack of an encore. Lights up, time to go home, er, go hookup with friends for a nightcap or two…Arctic Monkeys, catch them at a stadium near you… –CD/PD