It’s the first day of summer and the first annual Make Music New York festival, an event which has been happening for years in cities like Paris but for some reason, just found its way to the best city in the world (and its boroughs).

Launching the official event, Moto:Rosa played not one, but two sets, on the sidewalk at Bedford Ave. and N.9th. Not a lot of people have heard of the band but after the MMNY sets that may have changed. The band had about 70 people blocking Bedford for their 2:00pm set and even a bigger drenched horde for their later set.

The 8pm show was much less staid since the storm clouds were brewing. The band got through four songs fine and then the sprinkling started. Knowing they’d have to cut the set short or risk electrocution, they wisely, (or perhaps foolishly), went into their loudest song, “Faith Healer” instead of quitting.

The rain started beating down with ominous lightning in the distance and wild winds whipping, hurricane-style. Pretty punk rock! Bassist Lynnae Savage appeared almost too dainty in her slinky sundress, blonde tresses blowing Medusa-style around her head. A lively crowd (including a tiny old lady pounding her fists in the air along with the drum beats), stayed put on the street and sidewalk, braving the storm to witness the rock spectacle, and lucky for them, cars weren’t traveling down Bedford at the time. It looked like Moto:Rosa was one of the lucky MMNY bands able to quickly break down their gear and toss it all back into the house they were playing in front of during the deluge; even a few fans chipped in. The post-show rush to save instruments and amps from being water-logged definitely didn’t look fun… But the band sounded awesome. –K. Bappos