Warming up the teen to 20-something crowd, The Cult blasts through the smokey pre-gig air inside Gramercy Theater. Brimming with expectation, groups of frat rock styled, baseball cap wearing kids, fein fights, looking to impress the studded belt and tattooed chicas. (That is, until the band hits the stage with a threatening “How we doin’ New Yawk!” from vocalist Jason Darr). Chunky, riff-based new rock screams from the “Marshall” stacks. Neurosonic start their show with what feels like an abnormally long instrumental intro, but it affords Jason, Troy Healy (guitar) and Jacen Ekstrom (bass), to stage bounce to and fro, making full use of their wireless guitar lead system, getting the crowd all revved up. They give it their all but the crowd, for the most part, is unimpressed. Neurosonic is standing between the kids and Unwritten Law. Ah, the perils of being an opening act. Nevertheless, the band powers through fist pumping versions of “So Many People,” “Crazy Sheila,” “Until I Die” and a very heartfelt “I Will Always Be Your Fool.”

Neurosonic sits entrenched between Nine Inch Nails and Cheap Trick, mixing melodic Beatlesesque choruses with new metal guitars; a blessing and curse. The fans of heavier notions stupidly walk away from the sweetness in their songs and the lighter side fans might very well be scared off by the ferocity and girth. But my hat’s off to Neurosonic for mixing it up a bit, it’s admirable to be a frontiersmen. Truth be told, even in the face of a few Unwritten Law hecklers, they kept the energy high throughout the set, and minus the scripted between song banter, put on an impressive show. Look for the band to add some much needed sugar to this summer’s Family Values Tour. –CD

P.S. They should think about shooting their stylist; those bejeweled quasi-military jackets have got to go.