Here’s the down low on what Is Is is…it’s an EP and DVD of live favorites Karen O and her rowdy brethren love to play during their infamously riotous shows. When she asks you to tell her what “Rockers to Swallow,” you better give in, because sooner or later she’ll eat you alive in that shiny blue leotard, and you won’t be conscious to enjoy the sublime prance of “Down Boy” (and its accompanying groovy, glittering night vision fans-only performance at the Glasslands Gallery in Brooklyn), or when she implores you to “Kiss Kiss” her. Might as well submit now, and then maybe she’ll show you what her “IsIs” really is. A scorching must-have for light night drives, dingy East Village dives and annoying your indier-than-thou friends who claim they are sooo over successful, but still vital New York bands. –Carrie Alison