(Scott Irvine reloads his camera)

We thought it would be a small thrill to take you behind the scenes for the cover photo shoot we did for Sentimentalist Magazine 25, in addition to giving some background on the NYC magazine that has followed the band since their humble beginnings. We hope you enjoy it.

Who knew it would be so difficult to organize a photo shoot for a local New York band? Wait… I just remembered. Interpol is no longer just another local New York band. They’re gearing up for a show at Madison Square Garden in September, after all.

I remember the first Interpol interview I did with Sam Fogarino and Carlos D. at NYC’s Union Square Virgin Megastore café. That was way back in the Spring of 2002. Sam was at the counter ordering his beverage, wearing a dapper thrift store suit, with his back to me. I tapped him on the shoulder and said, ‘hey Carlos.’ When he turned around, I was, of course, suitably embarrassed. To my credit, I was told I was only meeting Carlos, who I had known through the NYC music scene and who incidentally, was also known to wear dapper suits.

(Irvine directing the shoot as Odette noses into the picture)

When Carlos arrived, we brought our coffees over to the Northwest corner of Union Square Park, sat on a bench and chatted about everything from Led Zeppelin to Interpol opening for Ash and what a huge Hip Hop fan Paul Banks was. At that point in the band’s career, they hadn’t yet signed with Matador. I later found out that they had inked their record deal a few days after the interview, (which appeared in Sentimentalist Magazine issue 9).

Two years later, Sentimentalist Magazine featured Interpol as its cover artists for issue 16. That second interview again featured gentleman drummer Sam Fogarino, and a very distracted Paul Banks. Sam was relieved to have finished their second record; he was rapturous throughout the interview. Paul, on the other hand, needed to be somewhere else more important at the time, which turned out to be a block away, and so he called in via cell phone. Unfortunately, Paul’s low cell phone battery led him to pay more attention to it than the questions he was being asked. Right before his cell battery died for good, he promised to run home and call me back from his land-line. I’m still waiting for the call… No worries Paul.

(Irvine takes the shot as asst. Kelly Starbuck stands at the ready)

2007 sees a much more confident and an even better “turned out” Interpol. Gone are the Beacon’s Closet secondhand suit treasures.  They’re now replaced with high end designer threads from Barney’s New York or custom-tailored garments courtesy of Cloak or Anthony Malat of Sinner/Saint. With all this style and musical substance, what better band to be the first to be featured twice on the cover of Sentimentalist Magazine?

Photographer Scott Irvine, who shot the Interpol cover for Sentimentalist Magazine issue 16, was again called on to shoot them for issue 25. Irvine was the perfect lensman for the job, having been credited, among other things, for taking the first ever Interpol promo picture.

This time around, Irvine began scouting locations in Brooklyn, since that’s where we were told the shoot would take place. However, on the day of the shoot, we were informed that the band was now going to be in Manhattan. As a very low key and flexible photographer, Irvine rolled with the relocation and scouted a very cool locale in the West Village. As it turned out, the location couldn’t have been more convenient because the band was doing another shoot before ours, and it happened to be just one floor above where we were set up.

(Gaius says hello to Odette)

Carlos was the first to come out of the elevator and into the courtyard where we were waiting. Unfortunately, he was just taking his dashing Italian Greyhound “Gaius” out for a pee. At least his presence confirmed that the band was in fact in the vicinity.

(‘Hey, is that your quarter down there?’)

Photo shoots are a lot like Thanksgiving dinners; They may take hours, even days to prepare and only minutes to eat/shoot. But that’s fine, it was a lovely spring day to spend outside waiting for old friends to turn up. The whole band finally arrived and introductions only took seconds since we all knew each other. Sam was very excited to find out that Irvine was taking the picture and Carlos and I spent a few moments reminiscing about our first chat together in Union Square Park all those years ago. Paul, unfortunately, couldn’t utter a word to anyone, needing to rest his vocal chords for their upcoming tour. I guess silence, combined with chain smoking, is the new non-medical vocal chord cure-all.

(Gaius is ready for his closeup)

While Carlos’s well-trained pup was making friends with Sentimentalist Magazine’s mascot, (the Chinese Crested called Odette), and locating every discarded, ketchup-dowsed French fry in the area, Irvine and his assistant Kelly Starbuck went to work capturing another piece of music history. We couldn’t have been more pleased with the end result, but you can judge for yourself.
–Chris David

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  1. awesome article….thanks. Sad that Paul did not utter a word but the photos came out amazing. Hope to continue reading articles like these especially on Interpol.


  2. Interpol Fanatic Thanks for reading and I am glad you enjoyed the article. There are going to be lots more of these types of features coming soon.



  3. wow, cool article chris! i really like that you gave history of your first incounter with interpol up until the present shoot.
    thanks a million for the props/juice too!
    :) k


  4. Great article Chris. And awesome shots Scott!

    Odette! Watch out for those Italians! They’re real dogs those ones!


  5. Thanks for this wonderful article! I always love to hear about Interpol!!


  6. ILove,

    You are very welcome. Sentimentalist Magazine has loved the band for a very long time. Pass the word.



  7. Yet another mindless, self-congratulatory load of pseudo journalism from the Sentimentalist. This shit reads like a Who’s Who of poorly aging Williamsburg yupsters.

    I’ll bet you all your mint condition Fall and Wire records that Paul didn’t talk to any of you because he wasn’t willing to waste time conversing with a bunch of talentless fauxhemian suck ups trying to ride his Cloak coattails.

    Serious, if you were on their cocks any tighter, you’d be condoms…and by now, I bet you wish Carlos was wearing one while he was reaming your 40 year old virginal asses.

    Thanks for keeping it real, guys. I’ll send you some coupons for Valtrex when I get done touring the throats of 14 year old Slovakian boys..

    Brian M.


  8. zOmG U R lIeK sOoooOoOoo LuCKy To MEEt INTERPOL tHEy R ThE BEsT BaND EVAR!!! i HEArD ThEIR PRODuCEr ToNY WILSon JuTS DIEd OH NOES!!!!! :* (


  9. FAIL




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  12. I just stumbled upon this page…
    I know it is late, but I must say that this was great article.
    There is no such thing as too much Interpol :)


  13. This blogger just used one of our pics from the shoot for her good feature on the band… uncredited of course, but what are you going to do?