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Cheetah Chrome : Sentimentalist Magazine Online Exclusive

Downstairs at Toronto’s Bovine Sex Club, Cheetah Chrome’s perched on a destroyed sofa. This basement is the kind of place …Read the Rest

31 Jul 2007 | 3 comments | More

Bat For Lashes Knitting Factory, NYC 7.25.07 : Sentimentalist Magazine

Natasha Khan, the extraordinarily lovely lady behind England’s Bat for Lashes, is, to put it bluntly, all that and a …Read the Rest

31 Jul 2007 | More

The White Stripes with Porter Wagoner and Grinderman MSG, NYC 7.24.07 : Sentimentalist Magazine

Jack was nimble, Jack was quick. Jack White sold out the “World’s Most Famous Arena,” and was named one-half of …Read the Rest

31 Jul 2007 | 3 comments | More

Chase Pagan Cake Shop, NYC 7.20.07 : Sentimentalist Magazine

To put it plainly, Chase Pagan will soon be as well-known as Antony, Rufus or Devendra, just give him time. …Read the Rest

31 Jul 2007 | 1 comment | More