Chase Pagan

To put it plainly, Chase Pagan will soon be as well-known as Antony, Rufus or Devendra, just give him time. His incredible Freddy Mercuryesque, vaudevillian falsetto, his complex yet quirky melodies and the fantastical, epic leanings of his lyrics and themes are just a few of the reasons to pay heed to this gifted Arkansas artist. His debut, Oh, Musica! is released this week and I look forward to seeing the press raves roll in. Just remember, you read about him here first (see the feature in the current issue 25).

When Chase played the Sentimentalist Magazine party back in May, he went solo. Chase’s current live set-up consists of he and an amazing drummer named Matthew, (who had played on the album). After tonight’s Cake Shop set, we learned that the two hadn’t rehearsed most of the songs together more than once, making their tightly-wound, dynamic pairing all the more impressive.Chase Pagan
Whether Chase is seated at the keyboard or playing his guitar, he’s a theatrical showman armed with a bevy of songs that prove just as awesome and mysterious as his limitless vocal range.

This genre-hopping songwriter already has three standout tunes destined to become his calling cards: “Spanish Tongue”, “Waltzing in the Sky” and “Push My Buttons.” For the audience member privy to tonight’s live set in such an intimate setting, it’s a thrill a minute, guaranteed.–MVW/photo by Tear-n Tan

  1. [...] new passenger on the fast track out of heartland obscurity and into the indie spotlight.” Sentimentalist agreed saying, “…Pagan will soon be as well-known as Antony, Rufus or Devendra, just give him [...]