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Uh Huh Her – “I See Red”: Sentimentalist Magazine Review

Leisha Hailey, half of this duo (sporting a name that’s an obvious nod to the great PJ Harvey), is best …Read the Rest

1 Aug 2007 | More

Smashing Pumpkins – “Zeitgeist” : Sentimentalist Magazine Review

Since the cover art for Zeitgeist is so disappointingly cliché, you have to let it go, knowing the music inside …Read the Rest

1 Aug 2007 | 1 comment | More

Bat for Lashes – “Fur and Gold” : Sentimentalist Magazine Review

Like a warm bubble bath, it’s easy to sink into Natasha Khan’s twilight world of faeries, fairy tales, beaches at …Read the Rest

1 Aug 2007 | More