1990sThe tiny toy stage, complete with glittering gold frame, (gracing the Old West-styled shoebox that is Union Pool’s live room) proved the perfect space to catch the fun-loving 1990s. Fans, including Brooklyn local Keith Murray from We Are Scientists, packed the boxy room ’til it could contain no more.

It’s always a breath of fresh air to find a pretension-free band whose aim is to play rock and roll for the sake of a good time. 1990s are one of the few paired-down trios who aren’t afraid to revisit the sounds of the late 70′s (Velvet Underground to the Stones, Television and Richard Hell) in unabashedly joyful fashion, complete with drummer Michael McGaughrin’s backing “la la la’s”, “ah ah ah’s” and “oooh’s” galore. There are plenty of bands who may try to mimic a popular page out of rock history, but there are none like Glasgow’s deliriously catchy 1990s, whose shows lead to an instant party wherever they go.

1990sSinger/guitarist Jackie McKeown and co. kick it off with “Cult Status” and lead into “You Made Me Like It”, a song that’s always a crowd pleaser, with an insistent chorus that begs us to sing along to “Dancing on the ceiling/dancing on the floor/You made me like it more and more…” The band is wise to play a concise, swagger-fueled set, chock-a-block with favorites like “See You At the Lights”, “You’re Supposed to be my Friend”, the witchy “Jingle Bells” and jangly “Arcade Precinct”, but they don’t fail to sneak in a new song. Jackie introduces this one humbly, laughing, “Okay, so we’re going to play a new one. There’s the bar.”

1990sAs a Scot known for his love of a good time, Jackie didn’t fail to mention the potency of American cocktails, and one of his best quips comes when he expresses his amazement at the huge soda glasses of whiskey served at Union Pool, and the fact that maybe he shouldn’t have enjoyed five of them pre-show. “Two would have been enough,” he shrugs.

Luckily, the giant drinks or the heat didn’t stop the band from rounding out their set amidst the hoots and heavy applause with a couple of strong encores.–MVW/photo by CD

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