Rob Francis is super cute, his voice is kind of sexy, but these songs of his aren’t anything I haven’t heard before through the airwaves. I don’t think I have ever listened to a track with not only a pack of barking dogs in the backdrop, but the dogs are followed by blaring horns as well. Yes, Robert’s voice is at times therapeutic; especially when his sultry sister accompanies him on a few generic melodies, his lyrics also just hit all the right spots. So, although our ears may be bored, our hearts will grow fonder One By One–Michelle Cooper

  1. Did someone pay you to write this? Obviously not an english major…. Can we have a link to hear it?


  2. Greg,

    No one pays for Sentimentalist Magazine reviews…but chocolate and bagels are always welcome…Link to myspace for ya…



  3. C-

    I think Greg is commenting on the horrible grammar and lack of logical syntax. As in…. was Michelle paid to write this review? She contradicts herself from sentence to sentence. I have to agree, a very odd review.