The world’s most famous rock star that American audiences still can’t get up close and personal with — Pete Doherty — has secured along with his mates in Babyshambles, an Astralwerks release for Shotter’s Nation, to debut on October 23rd, 2007. Produced by Stephen Street, famous for his work with Morrissey and Blur, at Olympic Studios in West London, Shotter’s Nation will hopefully remind music lovers that Doherty is indeed a functional member of a band (with three other blokes: Adam Ficek, Drew McConnell and Mick Whitnall) that is worthy of more attention than his very public antics and struggles with substance abuse. Not that we don’t enjoy the saga of “Cokate and Doperty” and all their wacky personal videos, but we love the musician even more.

Full Shotter’s Nation tracklisting after the jump.

“Carry On Up The Morning”
“You Talk”
“UnBilo Titled”
“Side Of The Road”
“Crumb Begging”
“UnStookie Titled”
“French Dog Blues”
“There She Goes”
“Baddies Boogie”
“Deft Left Hand”
“The Lost Art of Murder” (featuring Bert Jansch)