(Luke Pritchard)

Man and his music, the Bob Dylan comparisons abound from his moppish unkempt floppy locks to his nearly unintelligible, slurred quips between songs; then there’s the music and his voice. This was the third time in about a year I’ve seen Luke Pritchard of UK’s The Kooks perform a solo acoustic set; there really isn’t anything more needed to cap off a great weekend. A delightful late summer Sunday afternoon, a cool beverage, some friends and cool hand Luke playing a few songs about a block away from my place. I wish all shows could be this enjoyably convenient, but rock isn’t supposed to be convenient is it?

Luke Pritchard

Be that as it may, Luke treated the close knit crowd to some classic Kooks songs, including “Seaside,” “Ooh La” and “See The World,” as well as throwing in a few brand new ditties. I was waiting for “Jackie Bit Tits” but instead, got an amazing upbeat cover of the Dylan classic “Tangled Up In Blue,” (I think Luke might be a fan?). I couldn’t help but think that if this show was in London, people would’ve been camping out for days for a spot inside the doors. Oh well, I guess that’s my win since I was never one for camping out for shows anyway…–CD/Photos by Tear-n

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  3. i was about ready to camp out. lol

    the kooks are my favorite band… this would have been so great. i was THIS close to going, but it just didnt work out.

    i really missed a good one. :(


  4. no shit, i actually found this website through searching for anything about similarities between luke and bob, he must be a massive fan. some of their filmclips are too uncannny, he seems like he trys fairly hard to have the whole bob dylan thing going for him. weird. hes cool, but yeah i dunno.


  5. Aww if i would of camped out for luke. lol
    i think i might semi camp out for their show coming up in june at chicago. i love the kooks their my fav band also. (=
    i love luke he is so adorably cute and has sumthing about him that can seduce anyone. (= i wish i get the chance to meet him and just lay a big juicy kiss on him one day (= ha lol
    oh boy, thats the dream!
    he is amazing


  6. im in love with him!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1


  7. i could say he’s trying to look like him, but nah, its nice that after so many years he influences people to have the sam ehair style etc. :~