tamborinesLONDON – On September 4, London-based Brazilian-born band The Tamborines make their U.S. debut with the release of the “Sally O’Gannon” EP. The single has already met with critical acclaim in the UK. The EP will be available as an exclusive limited edition 4-song CDEP – with no digital distribution. The release will be distributed in North America via Darla Record and Junk Records in Spain/Portugal territories.

The Tamborines will be featured in Sentimentalist Magazine Issue 26, out later this month.

The Critics have already begun their praise of the band and EP:
“Insanely catchy chorus + incredibly loud guitars + perfect pop music” (The New Musical Express); “White Noise + Immobile Drone X Pop Sensibility = The Most Exciting Tune since heroin was considered so passé” (Drowned In Sound); “psyche-derived guitar-pop…big hook…sheer volume…simply fills a room with sonic texture…” (Green Peaness) ; “A snarling one chord hum and a monstrous beat…monochrome kaleidoscope world with a heart-hammering rush.” (Kitten Painting) – More glowing reviews are sure to follow.

The “Sally O’Gannon” EP is a self-produced effort containing four sonic adventures. The fuzzy guitar intro and thumping drums make “Sally O’Gannon” an instant pop classic. The soft acoustics and sweet beauty of the AA-side “Be Around” show you that The Tamborines aren’t just about the noise. The psychedelic garage-pop atmospheres of “Come Together” drift throughout – capping it off with a hip mid-60’s guitar break. The EP, recorded in Oxford, England and mastered at RPM studios, London – features Mark Gardener (Ride) on additional vocals and Frank “Teardrop” Emerson (The Brian Jonestown Massacre) on guitars.


The Tamborines came to being when core members Lulu Grave (Keyboards, Percussion) and Henrique Laurindo (Guitar, Vocals) started recording some songs on a 4-track in their bedroom in West London. They have been rapidly gaining acclaim throughout London with their mind-blowing, synthesizer heavy, tripped-out live shows. Raised on a diet of underground indie, Bergman movies, and distorted guitars, The Tamborines combine their daydreaming sound with an art aesthetic that blends West Coast Pyschedelia with the noir of The Velvet Underground. The result is jangly guitar pop and hypnotic hazy retro organ with almost unsettling undertones. The band has released several EP’s and has appeared on several compilations. In 2005, the 7” single “What Took You So Long” was released in the UK by Decadent records. It was followed in 2006 by the limited edition 7” single (on yellow vinyl) of “Sally O’Gannon” via Sonic Cathedral (UK). Since then, The Tamborines have worked with producer Brian O’Shaungnessy (My Bloody Valentine, Primal Scream, and, more recently, The Clientele.) and Tim Holms (Death In Vegas, etc.). The band is currently playing various festivals – they will be appearing at the 10th Truck Festival in Oxford, England and look to have an LP out on the horizon…

1: Sally O’Gannon (Henrique Laurindo – The Tamborines/copyright control)
2: Be Around (Henrique Laurindo – The Tamborines/Copyright Control)
3. Come Together (Henrique Laurindoi – The Tamborines /Copyright Control)
4. Sally O’Gannon (Demo) (Henrique Laurindo – The Tamborines/Copyright Control)

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