All right, listen up people! Genesis P-Orridge has something he wants to get off of his 38D chest.

That’s right s/he’s got 38D breasts and his/her other half and band mate Lady Jaye P-Orridge has had identical breast implants and chin implants, eye surgeries, silicon lip injections and a nose job to match Genesis’. Their plan is to create a hermaphroditic entity called Breyer P-Orridge. And by the end of my two-hour phone conversation with Genesis, I was ready to hop on board and join the Pandrogeny parade and get myself a pair of 38D’s. But that’s not what Genesis wants you to know. Forget about breasts for a second, and listen.

Psychic TV3, or as those in the know call them PTV3, are not an industrial band! They are a psychedelic band. They are an optimistic psychedelic band at that, not industrial.

I’ve never understood why the media always tend to lump us in with industrial. They keep referring to us as industrial just because I was once, 30 years ago, in Throbbing Gristle. PTV was always intended to be psychedelic, and not like T.G. at all. It was never industrial. The first song was recorded with an orchestra! From the very beginning it was meant to be a rejection of the tendency of a lot of industrial music to be negative and to be a little too dour. I was tired of that and felt it was starting to become almost an accessorized attitude. And I didn’t want that, I wanted something I thought the world needed, and we think as a band, right now it needs more than ever, a place of celebration. We say, “Pleasure is a weapon.” When the world is so locked into this polarized, dogmatic, negative inertia that’s happening all over the world. This sort of totalitarian greed mechanism that’s happening, whether it be in China or Russia or America or England, everywhere.

There’s this move toward totalitarian thinking and material greed. It’s the new political template I think. But it’s a tremendously dangerous one, because the rhetoric is all about division, divisiveness, and anger at something other, something different, and we want to champion a situation where people find commonality and things that they have in common, rather than things that are different… to be inclusive, rather than separatists. We really believe there has to be a place where the audience can go and at least temporarily feel safe, that they don’t have to be cool, they don’t have to be hip, they don’t have to wonder about what someone else is thinking about them when they respond. We try and demonstrate on stage that it’s okay to jump around, and look silly… it’s fun, and it feels good. And that’s enough. And in a way that becomes a really radical statement in our time.

Though maybe not as radical as a man getting breast implants. Anyway. You see. This is a kind, gentle Genesis. Sure, he wouldn’t mind seeing you modify your body in the name of Pandrogeny, but he’s a sweet, sweet man who just wants everyone to get along. Not the Wrecker of Civilization that he has been labelled.

But really, is there any civilization left to wreck? And is it even worth wrecking? Shouldn’t we just let those who want to destroy themselves do so while we form some new society of a unified evolution of the human species?

I’ve chosen to be a “Redesigner of Cvilization” in my old age. And I probably realized that the moment they called me a “Wrecker of Civilization.” I wish it were just that easy. If I could have wrecked it then I would have! But civilization as we think of it, sort of a mass global economy and global culture, that’s becoming more global all of the time. It’s a nightmare. Just becoming one huge problem of inertia, and there’s less and less space for radical or alternative ways of seeing or being. I think, “Get on with it anyway!” is the right way to go. To be visibly different, to be visibly refusing to accept the status quo, and to propose and live by example, alternative ways of being is the best weapon we have.

Weapons! Like Chesty Morgan has in Double Agent 73!

Oh lord. I’m sorry for that reference. And I’m sorry for my lowbrow humour, but if I don’t keep making jokes, I know I’m going to, upon transcribing Genesis’ answers, once again end up contemplating having breast implants. He’s really a persuasive speaker. I now get why Jonestown went down the way it did.

Anyway. PTV3 just put out Hell Is Invisible, Heaven is Her/e. Nick Zinner of the Yeah Yeah Yeahs plays on it. You should check it out. And go to their shows, I did. It’s a fun time. And even if you’re not moved to jump around yourself, remember what Genesis said, “We try and demonstrate onstage that it’s okay to jump around.” And do you really want to miss that? 38D? All right. I’ve got to stop writing. For the good of mankind… then again, maybe my words are like wrecking balls? No. No. It’s time to stop. Good-bye.–D.W. Friend