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He of the slim hips and icy stare, cool as a sly cucumber and wise beyond his years… Alex Turner was in such fine form for Arctic Monkeys’ Summerstage show, he didn’t even need to break a sweat. Besides, he had guitarist Jamie Cook at stage left to do the dirty work, strumming himself into a hot, rosy-cheeked stance from the first note of the fiery set to the last.

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Arctic Monkeys again proved themselves worthy of all their accolades. When a band’s this tight, there’s really not much need for small talk. Opening with thunderous song “This House is a Circus”, (with its memorable phrase “dead men’s eyes” which leads into a syncopated guitar fury), Turner didn’t greet fans until the third song in. He definitely knew how to work the NYC crowd, commenting on the “charming setting” and noting that, happily, there was “plenty of oxygen.” Does the UK city of Sheffield have something in the water lending its rock stars the gift of wit? Turner isn’t quite as entertaining with his small talk as Jarvis Cocker, but close.

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The audience at tonight’s show made the evening somewhat of a family affair. Most of those around me, (except for Albert Hammond Jr., of course), couldn’t have been more than thirteen years old. There was even a mom and dad with their sons in tow in with the VIPs, all eyes glued to the stage and taking in the show as if it was their family’s first rock outing. (I’m sure it was.) Very sweet. Also sweet was the fact that the kids in the crowd knew every word to the songs, from newer hits like “Teddy Picker” to the near-classic “Fake Tales”, singing and clapping along en masse like a well-oiled machine. Even Turner was impressed, at one point mentioning, “You’ve got a very good cheer. I have to commend you on that.” I guess it comes easy when a band gives us so much to cheer about.–MVW/photos by Tear-n Tan

  1. AMAZING SHOW, beyond words.
    Alex worked the crowd extremely well I say, better than Jarvis Cocker!!
    And I didn’t see many thirteen year olds…and I was dead center front row, there was a really a diverse crowd, guys, girls, young, and old – just another reflection of how far-reaching the AM’s music is.

    Anyways, superb show, best I’ve ever been too!!


  2. that show was fantastic.
    NY definitely did represent :)
    I find Turner’s small talk hilarious—you should see some of their interviews: