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White Stripes Cancel Entire Tour, Citing Meg’s ‘Acute Anxiety’

  You have to admire the White Stripes’ approach to calling off a tour,  just hours after the rumor mill …Read the Rest

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Kaiser Chiefs have cancelled a run of gigs in North America at the last minute to concentrate on recording new …Read the Rest

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A Smorgasbord of Joy Division Can Make You Happy. Really!

 And here I thought the release of the trailer for the Anton Corbijn-directed biopic Control wasn’t enough to turn that frown …Read the Rest

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Mystery Jets Announce US and Canada Jaunts

They just finished their second album in London and see no need for precious downtime — so what else is …Read the Rest

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Clare and the Reasons, Joe’s Pub, NYC, 09.10.07 : Sentimentalist Magazine Review

(Photo by JCP) You can imagine the shivers that went down the spine of Blue Note president Bruce Lundvall when …Read the Rest

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Dirty Projectors – “Rise Above” : Sentimentalist Magazine Review

Rise Above is a reimagining of the Black Flag record Damaged. However, this is not a punk rock record, nor …Read the Rest

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Film School – “Hideout” : Sentimentalist Magazine Review

This San Francisco quintet has harnessed a psychedelic velocity that Joy Division would applaud. Like sprinting through a pitch black …Read the Rest

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The Go! Team – “Proof of Youth” : Sentimentalist Magazine Review

The six Brits are back in the schoolyard with their second album, ripping out horns and old school samplings. Their …Read the Rest

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The Good Life – “Help Wanted Nights” : Sentimentalist Magazine Review

Cursive frontman, Tim Kasher, wraps up another cathartic bandage for the bleeding heart set. Where Album of the Year (2004) …Read the Rest

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Hot Hot Heat – “Happiness Ltd.” : Sentimentalist Magazine Review

Steve Bays went through a helluva break-up a couple years ago, and luckily for the rest of us, the result …Read the Rest

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