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Fiery Furnaces: Sentimentalist Magazine Interview

Though it’s hard to imagine, in an era when Radiohead takes four years between releases, there was a time not …Read the Rest

18 Sep 2007 | More

Th’ Legendary Shack Shakers – “Swampblood” : Sentimentalist Magazine Review

 If I was ever in a cemetery in the middle of Kentucky during an invasive tornado, I would imagine Th’ …Read the Rest

18 Sep 2007 | More

Magnet – “The Simple Life” : Sentimentalist Magazine Review

 An intimate, uncompromising album, The Simple Life is a reflection of just that: everyday living. A blend of bluegrass twinges, …Read the Rest

18 Sep 2007 | More

Thurston Moore – “Trees Outside the Academy” : Sentimentalist Magazine Review

 In Sonic Youth’s universe, putting Moore behind an acoustic guitar is sort of like exceeding the speed of light. Electrically-driven …Read the Rest

18 Sep 2007 | More

Schoolyard Heroes – “Abominations” : Sentimentalist Magazine Review

 Take the moxie of Gwen Stefani, add a generous helping of badass, dye her hair black, put a frilly dress …Read the Rest

18 Sep 2007 | More

Sleeping States – “There The Open Spaces” : Sentimentalist Magazine Review

 No one understands patience and pacing quite like the dour English. While we’re on the subject, nobody has quite mastered …Read the Rest

18 Sep 2007 | 4 comments | More

Terra Diablo – “Deluge Songs” : Sentimentalist Magazine Review

As soon as the first trickle of opening track “Captain of the Simpletons” leaks out, it’s obvious that Deluge Songs …Read the Rest

18 Sep 2007 | More

KT Tunstall – “Drastic Fantastic” : Sentimentalist Magazine Review

 There’s so much Nashville spirit and New Orleans soul that courses through Scottish husky-voiced blues-pop sensation Tunstall, it’s hard to …Read the Rest

18 Sep 2007 | More