Enter Shikari

Enter Shikari took to the Bowery Ballroom stage with their eponymously titled song, “Enter Shikari”. The youngish crowd was ecstatic, and to say that the show was highly energetic would be an understatement. There was quite a lot of dancing going on, and not all of it in the audience as the band members themselves were bouncing around constantly on stage.

While their sound is usually described as hardcore punk, the UK (St. Albans City) four-piece draws from a wide and very varied range of influences, including metal, electronica and drum-and-bass. Their song, “Jonny Sniper” has a synthesizer riff that was somewhat reminiscent of Van Halen’s “Jump”. Between driving hardcore songs, there were driving, techno-trance tunes that conjured up images of sped-up 1980′s video game music with an added beat. It was easy to imagine being at a rave at times, and Rou (singer/electronics) even dared shout out the rhyme “we want to see every raver on their worst behaviour.” Crowd favorites included “Return to Energizer”, “Mothership” and “No Sssweat”.

Enter Shikari’s fans are known for forming human pyramids during shows, and this time was no different. The crowd, encouraged by Rou, formed what was said to be the biggest human pyramid the band had ever seen at one of their shows (so reported Chris the bassist). Of course, the impressive pyramid was quick to dissolve into an equally huge and impressive mosh pit in the middle of the floor.

The band ended their eight-song set with “OK, Time for Plan B” (another crowd pleaser). Rob (drummer) invited fans onto the stage, adding “if I don’t see at least 40 stage divers, I’ll be fucking vexed.” At that point, the stage was flooded with probably more than 40 people, few of whom actually did dive. Instead, they all danced and sang along with the band, with some actually taking to the microphones. Afterwards, one band member sarcastically quipped, “when we say stage dive, we mean get up here and jump OFF the stage.” Nevertheless, it seemed everyone, band and fans, had a highly active, and memorable, time.

The opening acts were The Strike and The Medic Droid.–Teresa Sampson/photos by Tear-n Tan

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  2. I’ve Been A Great Fan Of ES For A Long Time Now, going To See THem In COnsert On tHe 27th October, At tHe B.I.C.
    I Love Enter Shikari. So Much.
    And I Really Want to Meet THe Band Soo Much, But Unfortunatly im not proberly Going To..:(
    Thought Id Say This Because Thay r Such A FUXING Amazing Band!
    FIT !
    Love From Heather JD.
    From Dorset :]