The Hours live

On a recent Friday night at the PRADA boutique in Soho, British power-pop band The Hours debuted in the U.S. They played on a stage in front of New York’s most fashionable people, with lights flashing blue and yellow and a giant disco skull hanging above the audience. The show was a fitting wrap-up for the end of NYC’s Fashion Week. Not surprisingly, the hottest young models and photographers, and some celebs as well (Olsen twins anyone?), were dressed to the nines ready to get their rock on.

Upon entering the store, the first thing anyone noticed were the walls, decorated from top to bottom with the logo of the Hours: a skull with clocks for eyes. Little skulls dotted every facade in the store and little hors d’oeuvres were passed amongst the crowd, including bacon cheeseburgers and potato skins, which makes one wonder if they are favorite snacks of The Hours.

The band hit the stage around 10:30 and proceeded to serenade the audience with smooth piano rock songs with dancy drumbeats and thoughtful, well-blended vocal harmonies. Singer/guitarist Antony Genn’s vocals are full of emotion and his performance makes his lyrics stand out. The Hours released a new album, Narcissus Road (A&M Records), in February of 2007 and played plenty of its songs. They were upbeat and fun and everyone seemed to be having a great time in their fabulous outfits, rocking out to The Hours.
The band, made up of Antony Genn (who played with Pulp) and Martin Slattery (who toured with Black Grape), is clearly talented and the music definitely has something to offer, though it was difficult to sit still with lights flashing and silver walls gleaming, reflecting the beautiful faces of the audience.

After four or five songs, it was hard not to feel like the music was a little repetitive and many people did start to wander and mingle. Tonight, The Hours performed music which worked well as a background for fabulous party conversation, but at the end of the night, seeing the band live was not comparable to just listening to their melodic tunes at home.–Lauren Piper

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