What year did the band form.
My answer would be 2006, but it’s up for debate.
How did all the band members meet?
Jude and I met at an open mic in New York City. Frank and I met while we were in a Manhattan Bodega, reaching for the same package of Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups. The rest of the group met through auditions.

What is the band’s favorite venue/city to play?
The Rockwood Music Hall in New York City.

What’s your funniest audition story?
Some teenage zitherist, a real prodigy, showed up one time and played circles around us using a Swarmandal. Would have used him, but the language barrier quickly became overwhelming.
What was the strangest/most interesting thing to happen to the band?
When preorders for our new CD put us in the top ten at Barnes & Noble, there were a lot of people saying WTF.

If you could meet any musical hero living or dead, who would it be and what would you say to this person?
Happily, I already met Walter Becker. What I said to him is personal.

What do you simply hate about being in a band. You know, like the sound man showing up two hours late for a gig, buying guitar strings from “that guy” at the music store who is more interested in his Chinese food than ringing you up, or trying to find your drummer, (sorry drummers), or insert your band mate who always goes missing, two minutes before your set time.

The things I hate about being in a band involves other bands; that guy who loiters on stage after his group is finished playing so he can make plans to get a bite to eat with his sister/manager. Frank is actually asked to show up two minutes before our gigs. And he always does. You can set your watch to it.

What is the band currently working on?
Booking a tour; grammar; interview etiquette.


  1. Brian- your humor ALWAYS cracks me up! I am delighted that your band is doing so well. Next time you are interviewed…DO NOT change a thing!


  2. absolutely love these guys – they are the best – you have not heard sweet music until you listen to Brian singing “where the little girls still throw roses”
    we just lucked out when they came along


  3. Hi,

    I’m from Hungary and have all three CDs of the Voyces and really think they are a great band with even greater songs. And yes, Brian is a very nice guy though I haven’t met him personally yet.
    If they continue making such great albums they will be well known (even in Europe) in a short time.


  4. I like Brian he has a moustashe.


  5. Even though your nipples aren’t pink enough to sell billions of records, I still love your music. ;) Mahalo.