Mystery Jets Blaine

Mystery Jets took the high stage to loud chants of “Zootime!” armed with their set lists scrawled on towels (quite a novelty for the fans who scored one after the show) and three of the four band mates wearing celebratory red. Their bold and somewhat matching attire probably wasn’t something they planned, but it added to the night’s festive atmosphere.

Mystery Jets Kai

Guitarist Henry Harrison wasn’t with the band this go around, and one of the fans was quick to inquire. Frontman Blaine Harrison, (Henry’s son), assures us, “No Henry this time, but he’s fine. He wanted to come but had to do other things back home… building fireplaces, making some cash.” (Ah, so there are one or two UK musicians out there who’ve held onto their side job).

Though it was strange to find the room only two-thirds full, the band made up for any extra space with friends who flew over for the U.S. shows from England, and who definitely made their presence known. They showed their support as only UKers can, with boisterous antics like bouncing while singing nonstop and even a group “ring around the rosy” during the token slow song.

Half-way into it all, one guy went ape-like (not quite “apeshit” since he was far too happy), dancing with flailing arms and kicking legs, even kicking off his shoes to dance in stocking feet. Oddly, it may have been the overly strict bouncer, constantly weaving his way through the crowd all night to make sure we were all behaving, who made him put his shoes back on.

Mystery Jets dotted their set with a healthy dose of promising new songs from their upcoming album (see their “in the studio” piece in Sentimentalist issue 26), leading Blaine to ask the crowd if they were playing too many new songs tonight. The resounding answer was “no”. Opener “Zootime” was followed with the new “By the Way” (hope I got the title right) and gave both band and fans an added jolt of energy.

It was amazing to watch these four musicians, all so connected and obviously reveling in the performance. Bassist Kai Fish (love his name) was literally beaming. Drummer Kapil Trivedi, who plays ferociously for such a small, young looking guy, was just as captivating.

Mystery Jets Keith Murray

Sadly, “You Can’t Fool Me Dennis” was left out of the set, but a surprise appearance by Keith Murray of We Are Scientists in the second to last song more than filled the gap.

I’d been standing behind Keith throughout the show and noticed that he looked a bit nervous, or shifty, or both, with beer in hand and eyes glued to the stage. When he suddenly leapt up, beer still in hand (what a dude!) to share the microphone with guitarist William Rees, it all clicked. It was quite the New York moment. As always, Mystery Jets (and local friend) played an exciting set that felt all too short, but isn’t that as it should be, to leave us wanting more?–MVW/photos by Tear-n Tan

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