A definitive Bob Dylan collection (called, quite rightly, Dylan) will be released next Tuesday, October 2nd! In the meantime, here’s an e-card that will delight any early Bob Dylan fan who knows and loves this fab video, showing our favorite folkie in his youthful, girl-melting prime. According to the press release, “The DYLAN retrospective is available in a three-disc collection covering three distinct periods of Dylan’s ongoing musical evolution (disc 1: 1962-1967 – “Bob Dylan” through “John Wesley Harding“; disc 2: 1967-1985 – “The Basement Tapes” through “Empire Burlesque“; disc 3: 1986-2006 – “Knocked Out Loaded” through “Modern Times“). The 51 track collection comes packaged in an 8-panel digipak with a 24 page full color booklet and liner notes by noted music journalist Bill Flanagan.” More information can be found at the official website.