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The Cult – “Born Into This” : Sentimentalist Magazine Review

 Has it really been six years since the last Cult album? Following up 2001′s Beyond Good and Evil, Born Into …Read the Rest

2 Oct 2007 | More

Demander – “The Unkindness of Ravens” : Sentimentalist Magazine Review

 This album is a live wire of smart arrangements and punched up vocals. Fronted by the dynamic Karen Correa and …Read the Rest

2 Oct 2007 | More

Division Day – “Beartrap Island” : Sentimentalist Magazine Review

 Division Day have all the accomplished components set in motion to become scenester heavyweights; it’s no wonder they have clout, …Read the Rest

2 Oct 2007 | More

The Most Serene Republic – “Population” : Sentimentalist Magazine Review

 A band that reads like a reference book of prog and indie rock from the 70’s on. It’s inevitable that …Read the Rest

2 Oct 2007 | More

Robert Pollard – “Coast to Coast/Standard Gargoyle” : Sentimentalist Magazine Review

    Pollard is not about to lose his title as one of the most prolific living songwriters any time soon, …Read the Rest

2 Oct 2007 | 5 comments | More

The Sadies – “New Seasons” : Sentimentalist Magazine Review

 Five albums into their cosmic Americana, The Sadies keep treading down familiar trails. Their roundup of surf, bluegrass, and psychedelic …Read the Rest

2 Oct 2007 | More

Saint Bernadette – “In the Ballroom” : Sentimentalist Magazine Review

 The debut album from Connecticut’s Saint Bernadette hits the sort of notes and touches that make me weak in the …Read the Rest

2 Oct 2007 | 1 comment | More

The Whiles – “Sleepers Wake” : Sentimentalist Magazine Review

 One would assume these are students of the Pernice Brothers, Belle and Sebastian and the melancholia of Warren Zevon. Perfect …Read the Rest

2 Oct 2007 | More