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Two Gallants Gramercy Theatre NYC, 10.2.07: Sentimentalist Magazine Live Review

Any band that can cook up a whole tent-revival’s worth of down-home Southern-inspired racket the way that Two Gallants do …Read the Rest

9 Oct 2007 | More

Cass McCombs – “Dropping The Writ” : Sentimentalist Magazine Review

The initial three tracks suppose a talent the likes of a Peter Gabriel; each track having a distinct aesthetic and …Read the Rest

9 Oct 2007 | More

Moving Units – “Hexes For Exes” : Sentimentalist Magazine Review

 Moving Units’ latest has the swagger and sneer of the most iconic rock, combined with catchy, sexy, melancholic dance riffs …Read the Rest

9 Oct 2007 | 2 comments | More

MV & EE With The Golden Road – “Gettin’ Gone” : Sentimentalist Magazine Review

There’s no shortage of revivalists playing southern rock with the confident, ribald swagger of our 21st-century authority over the best …Read the Rest

9 Oct 2007 | More

Mariee Sioux – “Faces in the Rocks” : Sentimentalist Magazine Review

 Become one with all of nature with Mariee Sioux’s tale of the Faces in the Rocks as she connects all …Read the Rest

9 Oct 2007 | More