Imagine transporting yourself to the white-lighted, jingle-bell’d grandeur of Miracle on 34th Street-era New York City, with a gorgeous brunette soprano to guide your way. Imagine diving head and heart first into a cinematic, orchestral rebirth of ‘40s noir, with a blanket wrapped around you and a fire to warm your cockles. Take a lovers stroll through the dingy streets of “Alphabet City,” float through “Under the Water,” dream of the lights of Paris and the planetary dramas of “Pluto.” The debut album from Brooklyn’s Clare & The Reasons is easily the most unabashedly romantic CD of the last quarter century. Born of candlelight, jazz clubs, winter and wonder, Clare and her Movie makes this a night, and an affair, to remember. (Frog Stand) –Carrie Alison

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  2. [...] & The Reasons made, in our humble opinion, the most lovely and romantic record of the year with The Movie. As stunning in a live setting as they are on record, Clare and her band of talented [...]