There are scores of fine, 19th-c. paintings by a certain Thomas Shotter Boys depicting London at its most picturesque, and wouldn’t that be a sweet tie-in if this album title was referencing those. Yes, Pete Doherty does have a soft spot for British history, but in this case, “shotter” is slang for a drug dealer. Doherty, no doubt, is also well-versed in the Kinks and the Jam, but that doesn’t make “Delivery” any less of a top tune. Overall, the album plays like a modern lesson in all that makes British music great. Praise be to Stephen Street for keeping these boys focused in the studio since it led to a disc as addictive as this. Shotter’s Nation is destined to make even the nay-sayers come ’round, saluting Babyshambles for their genuine, indelible songs rather than any past blunders and scathing press. (Astralwerks) –MVW
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