Following up his well-received 2003 solo debut Paper Monsters, Dave Gahan’s dirty, sexy, electronica-laden Hourglass couldn’t be a more perfect title for an album that has all the yearning, burning, menace and baritone that fans expect from the Depeche Mode frontman, but this time, the lanky, dancing, tattoo’d superstar is opening up wider than ever before. On tracks like “Saw Something,” “Kingdom,” the incendiary “Deeper and Deeper,” the achingly honest “Miracles” and “A Little Lie,” it’s beguiling to have such an eagle’s eye peek into this famously tortured man’s psyche. Engrossing from first synth and drum kick to last blush, Gahan has finally allowed himself to say his peace, and what listeners find within should keep ‘em writhing, sweating and psycho-analyzing until the wee small hours. But in all its certain computerized chicanery, Hourglass’ sands are the pieces of a tender heart, a hair-trigger mind and an overexposed man as he explicates what we’ve long suspected through his public suffering and impassioned delivery of Martin Gore’s words. Gahan, famous and wealthy as he is, doesn’t have enough answers to explain his self-destructiveness, his addictive personality, and his insatiable sexual desires. His lifelong dance with the devil in the pale moonlight is not over, but the good news today is that he’s willing to work on it, to get under that thick skin, to scratch those scabs, without opening a vein. (Mute/Virgin) –Carrie Alison

  1. Dave’s performance at Apple Store in SoHo las tuesday night was simply awesome!!!!
    He’s what DM’s all about!