It doesn’t get much darker than this. Continuing on with their quest for a personal vision of druggy, droned-out psych rock, The Warlocks are back as a quartet. They may be half the band they once were (in number), but their sound has become more of a forceful, epic death dance than ever. They’ve torn away any veneer of radio friendliness and exchanged it for thunderous, zombified dirges and lengthy, cathartic 60′s trips. Though the hooks are few, a whispered, winding track like “So Paranoid” produces a lingering glow. This song is perhaps the red, pulsing core of the album, with other key tracks like opener “The Valley of Death” or the meditative “Dreamless Days” the strange, sadly romantic and experimental outer limits. The disc’s title says it all. (Tee Pee Records) –MVW  [buy it at insound]