The Redwalls have always been a complete package in look and sound. They are a picture perfect retro rock band: with crisp melodies, catchy choruses, almost too good to be true voices and harmonies, and not to forget, they’re young and stylish in their mod thrift store clothes. And now, instead of sounding like a Beatles/Kinks for the 21st century, they’ve burst out of their redux confines to take on a bit more of their own personality and edge. “Modern Diet” still hearkens back to the best garage rock of yore, but there’s a personal urgency and anger allowed to creep in, making the song fresh (and it’s not just the thrown in “fuck” in the lyrics either!) Yes, “Each and Every Night” could have been inspired by the Redwalls listening to too much of the Walkmen, but it’s undeniably a great tune. In any case, this album proves these Chicago boys have begun taking some chances for the best.--Frank Stein (Mad Dragon Records)