On the heels of the release of their fantastically addictive¬†”Berlin” single off of Baby 81 and nonstop touring, the road dogs and leather-wearing gentlemen of Black Rebel Motorcycle Club always have their completist fans in sight. On December 4 through online retailer ThinkIndie, BRMC will release American X: Baby 81 Sessions. We are told that “the EP will feature 7 new tracks, including live favorites “Vision” and “The Show’s About to Begin” as well as a 9 minute short film for Baby 81′s epic jam “American X.” This is not the first independent B-sides release BRMC have done, in 2005 they released Howl Sessions, which fast became a must-have item for any passionate BRMC fan and collector.

After the jump, a note from Robert Been, and the complete American X: Baby 81 Sessions tracklisting.

This is going to be a limited edition run for indie retail in the US starting December 4th. Click on the above image to find out where you can pick it up from. There are plans to release it in Canada and Australia. We’ll have more information on that soon for you. For all our friends and supporters in the UK, Europe and Japan, don’t worry. We’re planning on having them for sale on the road and on our web store.

We’re proud of all our songs, even the ones that don’t make it on the final album, they have a life force of their own… And we simply wanted to find a way of getting those songs out there.

As well as this short 9 minute film we created for “American X” with our friend and visionary artist Jamie Dagg, with whom we believe in and even paid out of our own pockets to get this released.

The strange thing is that for every album we’ve recorded there’s at least twice as many songs that never see the light of day. So someday, hopefully when we’re dead, maybe someone will unearthed all of it remember that, hey maybe those 3 strange kids that all dressed in black weren’t so bad after all.

* The Likes of You
* Vision
* The Show’s About to Begin
* MK Ultra
* Whenever You’re Ready
* 20 Hours
* Last Chance For Love
* American X (Short Film) – Enhanced Content