Australian acts have historically had a harder time getting exposure than their north of the equator counterparts, so it’s fitting that futuristic electro-rock Melbourne trio Midnight Juggernauts are changing things.

Juggernaut Vin Vendetta is talking to us via cellphone from a houseboat in Paris, a stop on one of several tours this year opening for the likes of Justice and Digitalism, the former being the band’s first experience in North America.

“It was a bit of an adventure, we were sad when it finished” he says. “Playing New York was pretty amazing, it was a really big room, playing [with] Justice was really fortunate for us, getting to play in front of 3,000 people each night.”

The band scored the opening slot after contacting Justice via Myspace and cooking them dinner on a trip to Australia. It’s this tenacity and forethought that’s resulted in the band doing things their way.

“We’ve always tried to have creative control and Australia is not such a big territory, we know the scenes there and how to get our music into the right circles. We just started our own label and we released it ourselves and it went really well there and it was encouraging for us, seeing that is possible to get out there and get our music exposed without having a label do that push for you” Vendetta says.

Having previously remixed the likes of the Presets, !!! and VHS Or Beta, the band are now turning down around ten bands per week who request remixes, in order to concentrate on their forthcoming album, Dystopia, which they hope to release in early 2008.

Recorded in their home studio, according to Vendetta, the album is “a classic album” with a mixture of “upbeat dance tunes, moody acoustic tracks and downbeat tangents”.

And although the band have seen success by getting their music out electronically, touring the world while based in Melbourne is proving a little more difficult.

“The difficult thing for is now is touring. We’re still introducing ourselves, so we’ll likely be relocating to Europe in early 2008, so we’ll be in North America more often.”–Fiona Byrne

  1. have just been streaming the new album off of myspace, an amazing band and a beautiful album!