For guys, Valentine’s Day presents many problems: it causes them to rack their brains for new ways to express affection on a Greeting Card holiday lest their significant other go ballistic; it forces the reviewing of bank accounts to see if fancy showing of affection is financially advantageous; it calls for the mining of a place in our music collections we don’t often admittedly visit: the go-to, all-encompassing, so-old-our-parents-danced-to-it, cheesy love song. Never fear indie rock lovers who might be too cool to own a Joe Cocker or Bill Withers record, too jaded to listen to Ol’ Blue Eyes, or even too cynical to rock out to Grace Slick’s bombastic pipes — here is a love song record for you. In time for Valentine’s Day 2008, Expansion Team Records will release Souvenirs, “an all-new collection of classic songs of the heart.” And because seeing is believing, here is the official description: “Imagine Jefferson Airplane’s “Somebody To Love,” performed by Kristin Hersh of 50FootWave and “You Are So Beautiful,” made famous by gravel-voiced singer Joe Cocker, sung in earnest by Dirty Vegas-founder Steve Smith and multi-instrumentalist/Cornershop alum Anthony Saffery. Also featured on Souvenirs, Strange Kids’ rendition of the Bill Withers-classic “Lean On Me,” a complete flip on the original and a pulsing reggae version of Steve Winwood’s “Back In The High Life Again,” by Easy Star All-Stars (Radiodread, Dub Side Of The Moon).” For more information, including a complete tracklisting, go here.