Surely all of you have tired of going to B-52′s shows over the years just to bellow in unison “Tin Rooooof, Rusted!” at the lovely Kate Pierson. Or maybe doing some sort of odd jig to “Rock Lobster.” Either way, The B-52′s are back with their first record of all-new material in 16 years. Releasing February 26, 2008 via Astralwerks, Funplex has Pierson, Fred Schneider, Keith Strickland and Cindy Wilson in the fold, and 11 delightful ditties that will get your ass on the dancefloor and hopefully put that old, hot sexy love shack in the rearview, just for awhile. Strickland describes Funplex as, “loud, sexy rock and roll for your pleasure zones, with the beat pumped up to hot pink.”

After the jump, the Funplex tracklisting.

Funplex tracklist:

1. Pump
2. Hot Corner
3. Ultraviolet
4. Juliet Of The Spirits
5. Funplex
6. Eyes Wide Open
7. Love In The Year 3000
8. Deviant Ingredient
9. Too Much To Think About
10. Dancing Now
11. Keep This Party Going