Saint Bernadette has all kinds of mojo workin’. I’m talking the “oops upside ya head” variety. Their fantastic debut album, In the Ballroom, left us woozy and begging for air, and was far and away one of the most delicious surprises of 2007. And just when we were finding our way up to the surface, leads Meredith DiMenna and Brian Grosz announce a side project called The Priestess and The Fool, and A Minor Work, a cover CD of “obscure duets by Siouxsie Sioux & Morrissey, PJ Harvey & Tricky and others,” due January 2008. DiMenna and Grosz will also release a companion EP to In the Ballroom in early 2008 titled I Wanna Tell You Something. This is one prolific duo who are just getting started. Take notice now, people.

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As if she weren’t making enough work for herself, DiMenna is also
teaming up with singer Brian Grosz as The Priestess and The Fool. Upon
hearing the title cut from the soundtrack of the 1982 Francis Ford
Coppola film One From The Heart, an epic duet between Tom Waits and
Crystal Gayle, DiMenna and Grosz began to envision retooling the song
as a vanity project to keep their hands moving and their chops up.
Within a short period of time, however, the two found themselves
searching for more classic duets to re-invent — and thereby their
six-song EP, A Minor Work was born. View an album trailer HERE.

Slated for a January 2008 release, and available as a limited-time free
download on their website (LINK), A Minor Work spans the rough riffage
that we’ve come to expect from Grosz and the trademark, 60’s-inspired
soul of DiMenna. We also hear the duo launch themselves into the realms
of lazy country and western, a haunting beatnik dirge, “Wall Of
Sound”-era pop and even a choral eulogy accompanied by a church

The full track listing of The Priestess and The Fool’s A Minor Work is
as follows:

• “You’re The Boss” – (Elvis Presley & Ann Margaret)
• “Gee Baby, Ain’t I Good To You?” (Ella Fitzgerald & Louis Armstrong)
• “One From The Heart” – (Tom Waits & Crystal Gayle)
• “Broken Homes” – (PJ Harvey & Tricky)
• “Interlude” – (Siouxsie Sioux & Morrissey)
• “Back and Forth” – (Earl Greyhound) (MYSPACE)

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