Justice at Fader party

Justice conjures a moody party mode

To celebrate their 50th issue, The FADER outdid themselves even by their usual lofty party standards, bringing White Williams, DJ Enuff, DJ Tony Touch, Justice, and Mos Def to the stage a the Bowery Ballroom on Monday, December 10th. Combining forces with Cornerstone, who were celebrating their 100th Mixtape, The FADER lassoed the team behind the hands down single of the year “D.A.N.C.E,” French beatmaking duo Justice, and their wordsmith collaborator Mos Def.

To get the negative out of the way, White Williams were a huge disappointment. His non-ironic 80’s-style set lagged compared to the beats of the Djs, and technical difficulties left us staring at projected MySpace login pages on the screen.

Justice at Fader party

Justice rocks the house, even with the lights on

Justice, on the other hand, packed so much energy into their set of spins, that they inspired brand new dance floor moves to be invented right on the spot. Some kind of crazy hipster shuffle took over the entire balcony.

Mos Def at Fader party

Mos Def: Is it gettin’ hot in here?

By the time they gave it over to Mos Def, the crammed-in sweat-drenched crowd, soaked in free Bud Select, Soco, and Jack Daniels were berserk. Mos filled his set with some of his classic tracks, causing the swarm of fans to lose whatever was left of their shit.–Lavinia Jones Wright/photos by Dorothy Hong