Neimo: Pretty Parisian Garçons Take On NYC

It’s a Wednesday..It’s a cold night in December, and Pianos was even more of a nightmare than usual.. but this band can definitely pack a room! America needs to take notice. Neimo, the latest import from the Parisian underground, have landed on our doorsteps.


Delivering rock n’roll for the candy generation, lead singer Bruno Dallesandro tears into good ol’ pop songs like “Hot Girl” with cheeky lyrics and a Mick Jagger swagger.

Guitarist Camille Troillard, who’s got hair that would make Slash proud, complements tunes like “Echoing Pixels” with acid rock guitar riffs to make this rock-disco anthem complete. And if you said this band was bad looking… you’d be lying.


Keyboardist Matthieu Joly and drummer Alexis Hadefi are the perfect counterparts, completing Neimo’s sound, which ranges from Morrissey to pop-post-punk. A little bit Hives, a little Boy Kill Boy, this four-piece tornado isn’t going anywhere.

Neimo, whose album Modern Incidental will be released in Spring 2008, is signed to U.S based Shangri-La Music, the new music company headed by Jeff Ayeroff.

With their brash and young vibe, and fun French rock n’ roll fervor for the masses, Neimo will surely make themselves at home here in the States.

The lads are playing venues in NYC throughout December, so make sure you catch the latest French Invasion, and keep a look out for them at this year’s SXSW 2008 in Austin, TX.–Aishah Roberts/photos by Jen Maler

Dec 15 @ Luna Lounge 9pm
Dec 16 @ The Annex supporting Icarus Line 8pm
Dec 19 @ Pianos 8pm
Dec 22 @ The Annex/Tiswas 11pm
Dec 29 @ Midway 10pm

SETLIST 12/12/07 :

1. Can You Call Me?
2. Echoing Pixels
3. Carssick
4. The Loving Dead
5. Hot Girl
6. Peter and The Wolves
7. Poison The Chalice
8. Johnny Fire

  1. Really liking these guys right now. Pretty funny too: