Whatever ‘Frelen Mas’ means, these eight tracks could have easily been tacked on for a double-disc, Be He Me proper. If only fresh indies-to-watch were so ambitious. Opener “Nah Keseyi” – another title oddity, said to mean only something to singer Adam Baker – fits the debut’s quiet-and-playful-gone-feverish mode with tribal, vocal overdubs and military horn fills at the break. As does “Sewn To Kites,” even more starkly so, being a folk song for a good minute before releasing a flurry of demonic strings and yelps. The face-lift award goes to “Ease of Mind,” a deep Zeppelin-acoustic and bongo tune Adam and guitarist Kenny Florence fiddled with on this past summer’s festival circuit, now layered with all sorts of digi bleeps and twinkle textures. It all hits home with some equally gorgeous studio knobbery on the title track, blending suburban summer sound effects – bicycle bell chimes, a game of basketball, girls jump roping – with an epic vocal swirl, that must be equivalent to a chorus of 20 Adams. Though most of the lyrics go the Sigur Ros-gibberish route, they’re certainly polishing the aural side. (Ace Fu) —Gavin Paul